5 Fun Things to do in Milwaukee for Under $10


Summertime is one of the best, most exciting times of the year, and Milwaukee summers are no exception. There’s awesome restaurants to check out and because of the amazing weather, tons of fun outdoor activities. Also, there are a number of interesting museums, local theaters, concerts, and much more! Unfortunately though, most college students have limited funds which makes these

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The Fat Lady is Singing: Trump Wraps Things Up in Indiana


That’s right folks. Donald J. Trump, the ex pro-wrestler, reality TV star, billionaire businessman with a laundry list of failed companies and no political experience whatsoever, is now the presumptive nominee for the Republican party. The man who is accused of sexism, wants to ban an entire religion, and who’s economic polices are believed by experts to do nothing but

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Exotic Pet Trade Industry


Sugar gliders, capybaras, and pygmy marmosets are among the many species of exotic animals brought into the United States each year through the exotic pet trade industry. Many Americans pay hundreds, even thousands, of dollars for these animals. What these people may not realize though, is that these are wild animals whose habitat cannot be recreated by the average person

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WLCV: Big Changes for Our Future Environment

WLCV (Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters) is an organization focused on upholding policies that effectively protect Wisconsin’s natural resources and public health. From reducing carbon emissions to save Earth’s plants, animals, and ourselves, to saving our organic food from irrigated oil wastewater, the WLCV has been working to do as much as possible to help preserve our environment and our

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Geek Ball Game Night

Join your fellow UW-Waukesha students at the Geek Ball Game Night. This event is being hosted by the UW-Waukesha Anime Club and the UW-Waukesha Gaming Club. Starting at 6:00 PM the doors will open up, and you can come have some fun dancing to music or plating games with other people at the Ball. Tickets are free for students and

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